‘The worst debate in American presidential history’

Ƶapp Assistant Professor Adam Hilton shared his opinion on the outcome of the first presidential debate and what it might mean for the November election with local news outlets.

The first American presidential debate has garnered strong reactions with some referring to the rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump as a “spectacle.”

In fact, Ƶapp Associate Professor of Politics Adam Hilton believes that the June 24, 2024, televised national debate has the potential to make waves at the polls in November. Hilton shared his reflections with and the . He feels that most voters will continue to be deeply dissatisfied with the presidential candidates.

“I would say it was probably the worst debate in American presidential history,” Hilton . “Donald Trump is an incoherent speechmaker, but that’s normal for him … whereas Joe Biden’s decline was quite apparent.”

Hilton described Trump’s responses as “pure bluster” and “pure persuasion,” whereas Biden became “mired in the details.” Further, Hilton has encouraged voters to pay attention.

“It’s always for voters to be deeply informed about what’s going on locally because it’s there where their votes really matter,” Hilton .


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